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Dr. Mary & Richard Ballenger

Dr. Mary & Richard Ballenger

Serving in Mongolia

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About Us

Dr. Mary Ballenger first became involved with CVM while she was in veterinary school. After marrying Richard Ballenger, they both attended CVM activities but never dreamed they would ever become CVM field staff. From 1995 – 2003 Mary served on the CVM Board and served as Chairperson during her last year on the Board. After Richard and Mary went on a short-term trip to Mongolia in 2001, they, along with two of their three children, moved to Mongolia in 2004 to serve long-term. Richard and Mary continue to serve in Mongolia even though they are now empty nesters and grandparents.

Our Work

Mary’s primary focus is to help develop veterinary continuing education curriculum for the purpose of providing quality and update veterinary education to graduate Mongolian veterinarians. Richard’s focus is to mentor and develop the business and finance team of V.E.T. Net. The business team also writes and teaches veterinary business curriculum as part of the veterinary CE program. Mary works with the Mongolians to teach a University student Bible study and outreach to the veterinary school. Richard works with foreign veterinary drug companies to bring in quality veterinary drugs registered in Mongolia.  Both Richard and Mary mentor and disciple many of the Mongolian V.E.T. Net staff.

Our Partner

Richard and Mary partner with Mongolia V.E.T. Net NGO, a Mongolian public service organization. The mission of V.E.T. Net is to develop veterinarians and educators to train as a network across the country of Mongolia and share the hope that is within them. The V.E.T. Net veterinarians teach countryside veterinarians and herders how to work together to obtain healthier livestock and to improve the quality of life for the Mongolian people. The V.E.T. Net education department takes the joy of learning in education to the countryside during the summer months to teach children who otherwise do not have consistent education opportunities throughout the school year. The teacher group is also involved in community development and outreach in many areas in the countryside.

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