It is important to utilize tools available to challenge your walk, worldview, and deepen your relationship with Christ. Check out the materials and resources we recommend for students, both individually and as a CVF group.

Student Manual

Each year hundreds of veterinary students participate in Christian Veterinary Fellowship (CVF) chapters across the United States. This manual will guide you in leading and participating in your CVF group, touching on topics such as suggested organization, fundraising, missions and more.


It is important to dedicate time to Christ on a regular basis, but sometimes you need a little guidance in what to study. We have gathered some of our favorite devotionals as a resource for you and your CVF group to use. We invite you to take a look at what tools we have found helpful!

Nutramax Meals

There are quite a few opportunities for your CVF group to hear from veterinary professionals, those serving in missions and more! To learn more about the ways that your group can have a sponsored meal with speakers or other opportunities, click here.


CVM recommends various instructor-led and eLearning training courses available to students to encourage growth both professionally and spiritually. Join us at a training course!


Check out CVM’s YouTube channel to see the incredible work being done in our local communities and around the world.


There are plenty of books available, but which ones are the most helpful in preparing for missions, leading a CVF group, encouraging you in your walk with Christ or in your profession? We have collected a list of the books we find to be helpful and highly recommend.

Adopt a Field Worker

CVM sends veterinary professionals, life yourself, to developing countries to show Christ’s love through veterinary medicine. As a CVF group, you can commit to adopting a field staff member where you pray for, support and encourage a veterinary professional who is currently serving. You will receive a packet to assist you as you join the support team of the field staff and their family. Join us in supporting those serving Christ through veterinary medicine!

Promotional Materials

We want to set you up for success to promote your CVF group! We have created materials for you to download and use in your group and on club days. We have included touch cards, posters, e-mail banners, brochures and more!