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V.E.T. Net Gift of Love

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The Gift of Love is an amazing program—lending to the Lord. Gift of Love is the name of a new V.E.T. Net project which God laid on our heart. It was implemented in 2017. The Bible is absolutely filled with verses about helping the poor. It is obvious how they were always on Jesus’ heart. He fed them, healed them, expelled demons from them, and showed them the path to eternal life.

This project is unique in that it is not simply a gift to the poor, which would be good in itself. This gift also helps other people and families and helps stabilize the V.E.T. Net organization. Here is how it works:

Herders need quality drugs from their veterinarians but are often strapped for cash. As a result, their animals go untreated and suffer from parasitism and other disease. These animals begin the harsh winter thin and with scraggly hair coats. Many will die in the severe spring storms. Rural veterinarians want to help the herders, but they can only extend so much credit because they, too, must have cash to replace depleted inventories. So, the herder trades one or more sheep to his veterinarian for needed medication. The sheep are then given to needy people identified by V.E.T. Net, the local governor, church leaders, teachers, and other community leaders. V.E.T. Net then re-supplies the medications to the rural veterinarian.

This is an incredible process that allows donors to give food directly to the neediest people while helping the herder, the rural veterinarian, and it helps bring sustainability to V.E.T. Net. The church and V.E.T. Net become more relevant in the community and have expanded opportunities to share the Gospel. Because we already have the infrastructure in place, one hundred percent of the gifts we receive can go directly to buy food for the poor. There are some administrative expenses to sending money to Mongolia, but the funds that V.E.T. Net receives go dollar-for-dollar to feed the poor. 2 Now, we are not only encouraging the church spiritually, we are teaching the joy of giving. One jubilant, poor older man, who received his sheep, insisted he help deliver sheep to other poor families. Giving becomes contagious as we see the happiness brought to these eager families.

What has surprised us most, is how this truly impacts the entire community. Christians are elevated in the villages, whereas before, they were marginalized. The community wants to assist these poor people but does not have a way to help them. The village people compare this to Buddhism where lamas always take from the poor; they are overwhelmed with Christian charity.