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Give Towards Neuter a Pet

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In many countries, pets like dogs and cats are poorly cared for because owners simply cannot afford it! 

Companion animals are valued all around the world. Dogs are desired for guarding the home and cats for controlling rats. When cats and dogs multiply without control, they become dangerous feral animals on urban streets and in rural communities spread disease and destroy livestock. Many spread rabies, a deadly disease, to animals and humans. Some governments have desperately tried to reduce pet numbers by poisoning or removal—but then other animals move into the same space!  Studies have shown that neutering pets combined with rabies vaccination campaigns are effective in reducing human cases of rabies and mercifully improving animal health. 

CVM veterinarians do education about rabies and feral pets; they partner with communities in rabies vaccination campaigns—and share the love of Christ for man and animals.


  • Improved Environment
  • Health and Sanitation
  • Education and Training
  • Building Relationships
  • Testimony in the Community
  • Sharing the love of Christ