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CVM Animal Impact Fund

Start a Campaign
Animal Impact is a grant fund reviewed, managed and disbursed by CVM leadership annually. 

Applicants are required to fall into one of two categories: 

  1. CVM staff and associates who can oversee implementation on site may apply.  First priority would be CVM field staff; but if sufficient funds are available, field worker associates may also be considered.  Applicants should have an active animal-related special project fund, or be able to fill out the Special Projects application form to apply for this grant.  This should not be used for projects that already have designated funding available, or to cover past expenses.
  2. Emergency response and Short-term response may also go through CVM Volunteers.
Each applicant must have a project within an active livestock-oriented special project, or a SP application should be completed and submitted for approval.  Application should include a minimum and a maximum amount of money the applicant is willing to administer.  Application should show that the proposed use of funds supports CVM Values and Mission.


Regional Director should approve first; then application is forwarded to SP Coordinator for preparation to submit to Program Committee for approval. 

Program Committee should consider:

  • Timely completion of reports from previous awards.
  • Previous use of funds, quality of work and outcomes from previous awards.
  • Awards from previous years for current applicants, seeking fair distribution.
  • Endowment awards for current applicants, avoiding double-funding of same work.
  • How current application supports CVM Values and mission.
  • Sum of all approvals should not exceed total donations to date, less 10% overhead.
  • Minimum of $10K in account at all times for Short-term and Emergency response needs.
  • And Short-term cannot draw account below $5k.
  • Approval of Animal Impact grants should be as soon as possible after January 15, in order to maximize time for transferring funds and project implementation.


Those who are awarded Animal Impact grants will need to submit a report of the implementation of the project ideally by October 31th.  Since this is not feasible for all projects, due to a variety of circumstances, this reporting should be done as soon thereafter as possible. 

Reports should include:

  • Narrative report, including stories about project impact on changing lives and spreading the Gospel.
  • High quality pictures showing faces, and relationships between field staff and nationals, attached as separate files, not embedded in the narrative document.
  • Financial report showing use of funds and ending balance.