By Kellie Moeller

Christian Veterinary Mission provides a multitude of resources for veterinary professionals seeking opportunities to integrate their faith with their profession.  One of the most authentic opportunities is T.O.T. or Train the Trainer. This six-day course is usually held outside of the U.S. and is designed for those who are looking to serve cross-culturally on short-term trips or for long-term service. The principles learned apply to not only cross-cultural working environments, but apply to your home community as well.

Our participants last month consisted of a group of current and future missionaries who gathered amongst the warm weather and people of Haiti to experience and learn skills in participatory training (otherwise known as non-formal education).  Our group was an incredible mix of men and women, veterinarians & agronomists, Haitian, Canadian and American, and of mixed ages.  Their passion for the training was contagious as was their love for God and for their neighbors.  They came together as strangers and left as family!

The emphasis of the training was to first, assess needs: the perceived needs from both individuals and communities, then to put together a training that could meet those specific needs. They also learned how to measure the impact of the training and how to use those indicators to further the work.  T.O.T. training opens doors into people’s lives and allows us to understand the heart of those whom we desire to serve. Learning in a cross-cultural context makes the experience both rich and practical.

Once training is completed, participants are committed to apply and use their new skills, knowledge, and attitudes.  The application of the training will be applied to a variety of service opportunities:

  • Vet Tech College
  • Short-term missions training
  • Bible College
  • Serving as a long-term field worker
  • Homeschooling
  • Bible Studies

Here are just a few of the positive comments that were shared after the recent training:

“I thought learning all the methods of participatory learning through self-discovery, visuals, and flashcards were helpful. There were many ways to ensure that we understood the material.”

“I will apply my learning to teaching vet tech students now and also teaching in future long-term missions to glorify God.”

“Life changing.”

Wherever they go, all of our participants will be applying this training to be more effective teachers, trainers, coaches, & facilitators so that Christ can shine in and through them more brightly

If you would like more information about T.O.T. or other resources that CVM provides for veterinary students and professionals, find out more on our website.

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