We Are Thankful for Your Work as a Veterinarian

This month is World Veterinary Day, a day designed to remind pet owners of the importance of veterinary medicine and animal care.

You see, your local veterinarian is so much more than a pet doctor. They’re an integral health professional in your community, for you and your pet alike.

Thinking of becoming a veterinarian? Already a vet and looking to do more? Here’s why a vet is essential to a healthy community.

How a Vet Keeps Your Pet (and Home) Healthy

A veterinarian does a lot of work to keep your pet healthy, but veterinary medicine is about far more than just giving your dog his annual shots.

A veterinarian is a knowledgeable and accountable professional responsible for protecting the welfare of animals. This includes a responsibility to help animal owners, caregivers, and policymakers protect and improve the health and wellness of animals in their care.

This includes pets, but it also includes livestock and working animals.

The Role of Veterinary Medicine in Society

This is an important role, especially in rural areas that rely on livestock and working animals. In a community that relies on farming and needs animals to make up for a lack of farming technology, these animals are more than simply pets.

They’re the means by which farmers bring in livelihoods to support their families. So, a veterinarian’s role goes deeper than simply care of animals—in many ways, they’re ensuring the health of an entire community.

Because of this, a veterinarian is also responsible for human health and wellbeing. That’s because, by caring for animals, they’re also responsible for ensuring food security and safety. They help prevent and treat animal diseases, keeping these diseases from traveling into our food supplies.

As the population rises, the importance of that role cannot be overstated. With rising population numbers comes increased demand for animal products and proteins. And in the day and age of global food systems, problems in food supplies can affect far more than just one community.

The Importance of Veterinary Technicians

Of course, the missions of veterinarians around the world could never be completed without the roles that support them, including veterinary technicians.

If a vet is a doctor tasked with keeping animals safe and healthy, a veterinary technician is the next best thing, a supporting role that makes it possible for vets to do their jobs efficiently.

Veterinary technicians are trained and registered medical professionals responsible for assisting vets in providing medical care, including:

  • Administering medication
  • Assisting in surgery and medical procedures
  • Conducting and interpreting lab tests
  • Treating minor injuries and illnesses in the absence of a veterinarian
  • Helping clients understand the procedures and medicines provided to their animals
  • Guiding clients in the care of their animals

In many ways, a veterinary technician is just as important to a community as a veterinarian.

Support a Veterinarian in Your Community and Around the World

At Christian Veterinary Mission, we understand the importance of a veterinarian in a community. And we want to help veterinarians and veterinary technicians give back in big ways.

If you’re looking for a way to use your skills to contribute, we offer all sorts of options for you to use your faith and your profession in tandem. We have opportunities to serve on long-term and short-term missions, but if you want to serve from home, you can also give to our ministry to support our work.

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