By Olivia Bos

I have just returned from a trip to Honduras with a CVM group of 7 veterinarians and 11 students. We had a very successful two weeks of clinics, with far more animals attending compared to last year.

In total we visited 9 villages, performed 150 sterilization surgeries and de-wormed 587 animals including dogs, cats, horses, cows and pigs. We spent a lot of time talking (or trying to) and playing with the local children, which were some of my favorite memories from the trip!

We were also able to bring about 100 Spanish bibles down with us to hand out to those people who brought their animals to us. We were able to share the gospel everyday and pray with people for specific needs in their families or villages. A couple of times we were able to do home visits with the local pastor. I did not go on any of these trips, but from what I heard the home visits were very humbling and touching experiences.

I continue to pray that we were able to bless the people and animals of Honduras in some small way. I thank you all for your prayerful support!

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