We were honored to have the Woolseys in the CVM Seattle office this month. They gave an incredible presentation about their long term mission work in Asia. They are coming up on their three year anniversary in Asia, so they were able to share with us some of the transformative work they have done over that duration. These are a few bullet points they shared during a devotion with CRISTA staff. 

Small Animal Clinic

This is where Justin Woolsey spends the majority of his professional day to day life. He works in a clinic located in the heart of the city.

Student Ministry

Veterinary school education in the U.S. typically takes 8 years to complete, but in Mongolia, it only takes 5 years to graduate. There is only one vet school in Mongolia. This school is not focused on hands-on learning and primarily dedicated to education about herding animals. So the Woolseys help educate students on small animal diseases and treatments, while also giving them clinic experience working on the animals.

Also, Helen teaches English to young students, which helps build relationships in the community.

Countryside Ministry

During two weeks of the summer each year, Justin heads out to the countryside to treat large animals and spend time with the people who live there. He helps lead a bible study with local believers in the area.  

Clinic Staff Women’s Bible Study

Helen leads a bible study every two weeks. It started out as a gathering place for clinic staff, but lately they have been inviting other members of the community to attend, so women from all walks of life have joined in. This is a place for students, mothers, staff, and neighbors to be encouraged and find fellowship.

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