Dr. Gerald Mitchum

Dear friends,

I have some wonderful news I want to share with you. We have a young woman by the name of Pujee working as an intern. She did the 6 month program and was given another 6 months extension. Last week Pujee accepted Christ and said, “Now I am a new creature.” She is a vibrate young woman and a real asset at V.E.T. Net. It is our hope that the internship program will insure quality veterinarians, with a like mind, will be available for the work of V.E.T. Net for the future. This is exactly what we have hoped the results would be for the internship program. She has learned a great deal of practical medicine, she’s getting English, and now she has become a believer…Praise God!

Frances and I had a chance to visit Manda in Stockholm a couple of weeks ago. Some of you will remember her from the early years at V.E.T. Net. She is Zola’s sister. It is quite amazing to see how coming to God has impacted her life and that of her family. We wondered how we would survive as some of the V.E.T. Net team members left for various reasons. God has disseminated some of our friends to other places and He continues to replace them with just the right people…the Pujees.

Please rejoice with us over Pujee’s decision to follow Christ. 

Together in His service,


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