It’s that time of year again: school season!

Between the stress of veterinary school and working your way through veterinary debt, going back to school can feel more like a stressful occasion than a cause for excitement.

It’s also easy to lose track of your spiritual development while in school. After all, you’ve got exams and classes to study for, on top of work and social obligations.

Take a deep breath. You can do this. Here are three back to school tips that no veterinary student should go without.

Join a Community, Fellowship, Support Group

If you’re struggling to find time to balance your veterinary pursuits with services, one way to align the two is through a community, fellowship, and support (CVF) group. CVM Region Reps will be on your campus! Find out when and where within “2019-2020 School Year Begins!“.

Groups like this are a great way to use your God-given gifts and pursue your veterinary goals for the betterment of communities. They give you the chance to grow your faith while also growing your veterinary skills.

It’s a unique and deeply meaningful way to bring your faith and your career together.

Find Guidance Through Bible Study

If you want smaller, more short-term ways to integrate your faith and your career pursuits, you can also use a tried-and-true method: Bible study. This is especially helpful if you’re having trouble finding the time to attend services, or if your attendance is scattered due to school obligations.

Bible study allows you to spend time with the text the same way you spend time with your veterinary textbooks. You have the chance to understand the Bible on a deeper level and truly think about what the passages mean to you.

It also gives you a chance to interrogate how you’re interacting with the Bible and illuminate your daily reading.

Think of it this way: if your faith and your profession are equally important to you, why not pursue your faith with the same level of dedication that you would use to prepare for a career in veterinary medicine?

Get Organized

Finally, there’s one thing that any college student should do, regardless of whether or not you attend veterinary school: get organized. Cleanliness and organization help you keep your life in order and deal with stress in a productive manner.

If you haven’t yet, take the time to organize your schedule. Write down your entire week’s schedule, plan out your reading time, and write down any social commitments you can anticipate in advance. Attack your school supplies with a vengeance. Everything should have a place and everything should be in its place.

And if you need a bit of stress relief mid-semester, take out your stress on your cluttered living space. You’ll feel a lot better and you’ll have a much easier time making sense of your commitments.

Utilizing Your Back to School Resources

Above all, make sure to utilize all the back to school resources you have available to you.

If you know you’ll be stressed going back to veterinary school, talk to your church group or pastor about it. Let them help you process your fears and approach them in a way that’s helpful, healthy, and following the right path.

Don’t be afraid to turn to your faith in a time of crisis, whether that’s a late homework assignment, an upcoming exam, a missed social obligation, or stress. Your faith is always there for you. In the meantime, we’ll be praying for vet students as they start the new academic year!

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