By Dr. Debbie Hoffele

A group of seven students from University of Calgary and two veterinary leaders traveled to San Luis Rio Colorado from April 27 – May 4, where we worked alongside local city veterinarians to run a spay/neuter clinic. We were able to help control the local dog and cat population in a small way by performing surgery on 109 animals!

The students were able to talk to the waiting people to tell them why we had come. Even though we were there in conjunction with the city, we were able to give out Bibles and had a local pastor volunteer with us. We attended another local church on Sunday and Wednesday and participated in a children feeding program there.

We also worked with this pastor on Thursday to prepare burritos and juice to take to the local dump where people live and work. We heard many stories of people’s lives transformed by the power of Christ. One that especially stood out came from our host, who used to smuggle illegal things and now transports missionaries and supplies. Christina, the pastor who runs the children’s feeding center, spent seven years in prison for drug offences. Yahir, our translator, who is a young man from a family whose parents were drug addicts, but now has come to Christ because God provided sponsorship for him to go to a university.

It was wonderful to see all the ways that God has was at work in during this week!

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