By Kellie Moeller

According to statistics, more than 6 million people participated in some form of online education or training annually, and those numbers grow higher each year. Christian Veterinary Mission offers veterinary professionals an eLearning platform with a variety of courses. Continued professional growth is more accessible today than ever before providing unique paybacks that classroom education cannot match.  What are some of the benefits of continuing adult education?

  1. Most online courses tap into your personal experience and provide fresh skills to apply to life and/or within your profession.
  2. ELearning courses maximize autonomy, giving you the ultimate control over results and personal goals.
  3. Most courses are designed for diversity, taking into consideration people with entirely different academic, professional and cultural backgrounds.
  4. Web-based learning offers ways to minimize the impact of the overall eLearning experience to accommodate everyday challenges and stressors, such as busy schedules and personal obligations.  ELearning allows you to continue an education accommodating your own personal lifestyle.
  5. Online classes offer practical knowledge that enables you to grow towards your lifetime goals. Whether that means improving communication with your spouse or gearing up for an international experience, you are able to essentially apply your newly acquired knowledge.
  6. CVM online e-courses give a hands-on and lasting experience for many who choose to participate in mission trips to other countries. According to the American Society for Training & Development, the retention rate for experiential knowledge is an impressive 75%.
  7. ELearning give adult learners time to absorb information.  Online quizzes and assignments help learners process new information.
  8. Effective courses allow you flexibility.  Lessons are broken up to accommodate regular breaks or even putting the course aside and coming back another day.

CVM offers more than 35 eLearning courses. It is an extensive, Christ-centered, learner-focused program that gives veterinary professionals the opportunity to assimilate new and practical knowledge wherever they live.  Our online training empowers them to live out their faith and to serve others through their profession. Taught by experts in veterinary missions, each course is self-paced, interactive, and engaging.

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