By: Dr. Kit Flowers

“Christ’s love expressed through veterinary medicine.”

If we have one sentence to share with people about the mission of CVM, this is it. We are in the business to share this charge with the veterinary profession, believing that the gift of the profession is to be a tool for service to our communities and a channel for His love. Those who serve in short and long-term mission work with CVM serve as vessels of His love poured out to those in both physical and spiritual need. I remember so vividly hearing from Dr. Enkee from Mongolia share that she was, “loved to Christ” by Dr. Gerald and Frances Mitchum.

The apostle John wrote, “See how great a love the Father has bestowed on us, that we should be called children of God.” We are designed to be a part of a family. We know His love as we become a part of the family of God and are called His children. We know the importance of a healthy family life both by the testimony of those who have a healthy family, as well as the scars left behind in the lives of those families where it is absent.

I also believe a successful veterinary practice is one in which clients sense this “family” type of love as they seek help with the health care needs of their animal. Love can be shared by individuals whose lives are not centered on Christ. However, the Christian committed to living in His love and sharing that love with others, is prepared to show others a love that is so much richer. As Christian veterinarians, veterinary students, and veterinary technicians, we have the gift of His love to fill that void so many have in their lives.

Spend some time reflecting on our Lord’s love for you as His child. This should be a place of grounding and renewal from which you in turn can show a new depth of love to others. Remember your own family and consider how He would have you demonstrate His love to them and encourage them in knowing the depths of God’s love.

Finally, consider how His love for you as His child can be shown to those in your area of responsibility in the world; in your practice, at school, or to your neighbors and community. Your care for the animals of your clients is a place designed by God for effectively demonstrating His love. Do it and then share with us the results that we might encourage others.

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