V.E.T. Net Mongolia has been serving the people of Mongolia for almost 25 years.  Gift of Love is a project that they developed and implemented to address a couple different needs that have been observed.  First, it seeks to support those in poverty, but more specifically those such as the disabled, widowed, or orphaned.  A needy family is identified through communication involving friends of V.E.T. Net in the community, a local veterinarian, and local government leaders.  Once identified, the person/family in need is provided with sheep, which can then be used as a source of food or to start a small flock.  The second need addressed involves these same sheep.  Every year, many animals in Mongolia die of preventable diseases such as parasitism.  Herders, however, often do not have enough cash to buy the needed medications to prevent the disease.  Gift of Love allows these herders to use their sheep to pay for medications, which will make the rest of their flock healthier.  The sheep used for the transaction is the sheep that is given to the family in need.  The veterinarian who provided the medication will be reimbursed with medications at wholesale costs that total the retail value of the medications provided.  So one gift allows you help multiple people: the needy person who receives a sheep, the herder who can now get needed medications for his/her animal, and the veterinarian who makes the sale.