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Zambia ZMB 19-04a Closed

April 6 - April 18

Goat vets and techs are needed to teach goat husbandry in Mwandi, Zambia.  Train livestock workers and village residents how to breed, raise and care for goats in order to promote milk production. The goat milk from these efforts will impact 12 villages in the surrounding area by providing a safe source of milk for infants of mother’s with AIDS. Vet work includes teaching about diseases, parasites, reproduction, anatomy, nutrition, kid delivery and also testing for TB, Brucellosis, vaccinating and deworming.

Location Mwandi, Zambia
Cost $1310 Optional safari for $250
Local Partner Mwandi Livestock Cooperative
Vet Work Teach goat husbandry to community livestock workers and train them to teach the district residents about how to take care of goats and how to raise them for increased milk production and for profitability. Teaching would cover diseases, parasites, reproduction, anatomy, nutrition, therapeutics, kid delivery, management, etc
Ministry Work Build relationships and show God's care for the local livestock workers, villagers and their children by teaching goat husbandry as a way of preventing HIV in infants.
Number Needed 3 or more vets and or vet techs knowledgeable in goat husbandry.
Status Closed


April 6
April 18

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