We are encouraging you, as a student group, to adopt a field staff member! We have veterinary professionals, like yourself, serving long-term worldwide. By adopting a field staff member and their family, you get to be a part of supporting them in prayer, encouragement and financially. For more information on how to adopt a field staff member, or what field staff are still available for adoption, please contact studentinfo@cvmusa.org

What “Adoption” could look like for your CVF group:

  • Pray for your field staff member (and family)
  • Send care packages – find out birthdays and anniversaries
  • Sign up to receive their regular prayer letters
  • Send notes of encouragement
  • Plan a fund-raiser to help their general support (ideas provided in Student Manual)
  • Plan a short-term visit with your school

Once your CVF group has chosen your field staff member, contact your Regional Representative to solidify your choice.

The CVM Home Office will ship your school an “Adoption Packet” of your Field Staff Member which will include:

  • Stack of tri-fold brochures on your field staff member
  • Sign-up sheet to receive your field staff member’s prayer letters
  • Stack of Serve Those Serving Postcards (This provides ideas on how to pray for and bless your field staff member)

If you choose to do a fundraiser, donations can be sent to: 

Christian Veterinary Mission
9303 Fremont Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98133 
Attn:  Dr. Kit Flowers 
(provide your Field Staff name)

For 2018-19 School Year, CVM will confirm if you wish to renew your same Field Staff Member or if you’d like to make a change.