Send a Vet

This is our monthly e-newsletter that highlights stories of transformation. We love hearing how God is working in the hearts of people, whether that be those we are serving or our own field staff and volunteers. It’s great to hear that lives are being transformed through the work of Christ!

Outreach Herald

This is our monthly e-devotional that is a source of encouragement and challenge. It is important to continue to dive deeper into your relationship with Christ and keep your eyes on him.


This is our quarterly magazine that we produce to update our CVM family on what God is doing through your support. It includes challenging articles and highlights from home and abroad. There are various topics covered in the journal including long and short-term missions, professional activities, student ministry and highlights on various countries. If you would like to view previous issues of the CVM Journal, please click here.

Prayer Time

This is our weekly email for those who wish to partner with us in prayer and receive requests on a regular basis from those serving in missions, professionals, students, staff and the CVM family.

Prayer Guide

If you would like to partner with us in prayer, we have prepared an up to date monthly guide that will assist you in praying for the needs of CVM. Prayer is the foundation of our ministry because when we pray, we engage with God in what He is doing. We invite you to join us in prayer.