By Kellie Moeller

How many times have you heard someone say “I have always wanted to go overseas, but have never been able to.”? There are probably many reasons why they didn’t go, but there are even more reasons to go. Read through the twenty reasons below and if they strike a chord, it’s time to go!

  1. You can use your profession for the good of others who may not have the means
  2. You can make an eternal impact
  3. You will grow closer to Jesus
  4. You will experience God like never before
  5. You can fight your fears of the unknown
  6. You will learn to see the world differently
  7. You will get to step outside of your comfort zone
  8. You will be following God’s command to go from Matthew 28:19-20
  9. Your heart will awaken to God’s global purpose
  10. You will grow spiritually
  11. You will experience new ways to use your talents and spiritual gifts
  12. It will reawaken your zeal for personal evangelism
  13. You will gain first-hand experience of new cultures
  14. You will develop a fervor to be a sender
  15. You will develop an appreciation for what you have
  16. You can build deeper relationships with members of your church
  17. You will influence others to go
  18. You may shed some prejudices
  19. You will be humbled
  20. You will Honor God

If you have wanted to join a cross-cultural team or to use your veterinary skills for a greater purpose, Christian Veterinary Mission offers both short-term and long-term field and ministry experiences. Find out more at the CVM website.

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