By Dr. Gerald Mitchum

In the late 1970s, we had the privilege of spending time on the Navajo reservation in Aneth, Utah assisting the people with their livestock.  At the same time, we offered encouragement to their small church.  Our new friends among the Navajo Christian population included a number of the Begay tribal families.

I remember one grandmother by the name of Lucile, who could always be found sitting before her weaving frame making beautiful rugs.  When we asked where she got her patterns, she told us they were stored in her head.  The first part of each rug was always rolled tightly on the frame as she put the final touches on her masterpieces.  It wasn’t until she unrolled a rug that we could see its beautiful symmetrical patterns defined by threads of glorious color made from the dyes she extracted from local berries and plants.

I can’t help but believe this is how God works with His children.  It is only in the finished product that we see how each thread of our life is intricately fashioned into a tapestry worthy to carry out His master plan.  In our case, each experience in working with sheep and the Asian international students became the backdrop for future ministry with the Mongolian people.  The dark threads of pain and disappointment along with the right hues of joyful experiences were required to complete a design capable of bringing glory to Him.

Dr. Mitchum and his wife Frances are currently working with V.E.T. Net in Mongolia.  This excerpt is from the newly published book Tend My Sheep.  The amazing story of how the kingdom of God is growing in Mongolia through veterinary missions.  You can purchase the book or find out more here.



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