By: Dr. Ann MacCormac, CVM Associate serving in Ghana

Where and what determines what you call “home”? Is it based on a location, perhaps associated with where you grew up, or is it tied to a group of people with whom you have shared experiences or memories? After living in Ghana, spending the summer in the US, and now returning to Accra, we wrestle with this question of belonging.
The summer flew by, and we are now beginning a new school year (Ella and me), and starting a new job (Shawn). While in North Carolina, we enjoyed a trip to the beach with my parents, and we were blessed by many opportunities to visit with friends. We found that we have a new appreciation for things that we previously took for granted, especially green outdoor open spaces. Ella loved working as a camp counselor at the circus camp and already misses the kids and the opportunity to work on her trapeze skills! Shawn reconnected with the Raleigh bicycle rickshaw service and spent many weekend hours pedaling downtown. He and I worked to get the house and yard in shape to rent again, and to find temporary homes for our three cats.

Despite the comfort of familiar surroundings and company of good friends, we did feel a bit as though we were visiting in our own country. Now, back in Accra, we have moved into a little house near Ella’s school, but it does not feel quite like “home” here either.

This mildly disorienting feeling (that we are not sure where we belong) reminds me of a quote from C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity.

If we “find in [ourselves] desires which nothing in this world can satisfy, the only explanation is that we were made for another world.”

As we resume teaching, studying and managing an aquatics program, we remember that our earthly home is in fact wherever God has called us to live.

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One thought on “Where is Home?

  • Dear Ann, I know that feeling of not feeling quite at home anywhere!! When I was a Graduate student in the U.K., teaching in Nigeria and since my return to Ghana with my family in 1997 I have never really felt at home anywhere!! It as ifthe conditions are never satisfactory to call any place “home” You always feel there is something missing. Maybe it is that “our souls are restless till find our rest in HIM”-NOT NECESSARILY AFTER DEATH, BUT UNION WITH GOD?

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