This past May, Meredith Rice, a vet student from Lincoln Memorial University,was given the opportunity to serve on her first mission trip with CVM. Meredith and her team spent a week working alongside Dr. Kim and David Carney where they worked with students at the veterinary school in Santa Cruz doing wet labs, English classes and Bible studies. They also went to the village of Los Negros where they had a rabies vaccine/spay and neuter clinic and the local church was able to share the Gospel with the locals that came.


Meredith was kind enough to answer a few questions for me.

Q: Please share how this trip impacted your spiritual walk.
Meredith: This trip was incredible. I loved being able to see how Dr. Carney uses her veterinary skill to witness to students. Ultimately due to this trip, I prayed that God would send me wherever he wants and I will go. Missions of some sort will definitely be in my veterinary future.

Q: What were the most encouraging/challenging aspects of your trip?
Meredith: Not knowing the language was a challenge, but it forced me to come out of my comfort zone and interact with people anyway. I loved that the gospel was proclaimed while we were providing veterinary services.

Q: Please share a story of an experience from your trip of something that impacted you or that you learned.
Meredith: The day that we went to Los Negros, I was working with one of the Bolivian students helping with vaccines and deworming. I was getting frustrated because I didn’t know the language and couldn’t communicate effectively. I was feeling a little helpless and stuck because I wasn’t able to run around and just do the things that needed to be done. I needed help asking people questions and finding out what they needed. I was getting discouraged, but then I looked up at where people were waiting, and members of the local church were sharing the Gospel! It put everything in a completely new perspective! It didn’t matter that I couldn’t speak Spanish. We were providing a veterinary service, but ultimately, we were bringing people to a church where they could hear the Gospel potentially for the first time. Now those people have a local church they can come to ask questions. I found out later that the church had been preparing for almost 2 weeks before we came on how they were going to witness to those that came. It was an incredible blessing to see the Bolivian church members step up. Hearing the Gospel from a bunch of white girls would have been fleeting, but hearing it from local church members and seeing that there was a church they could attend had so much more meaning. I’ve been on mission trips before and it is rare to see so obviously what God is doing. We had some difficulties trying to get down to Bolivia and we knew that if the devil was trying to stop us, we HAD to go because God was going to do something incredible. And he did! So many people heard the Gospel and so many seeds were planted. Praise God!!

Q: Do you think you will go on another short-term mission trip?
Yes! I had an incredible experience. I loved being able to combine veterinary medicine with helping people and sharing the Gospel. It was so rewarding to see what God can do with the gifts he gives us.

Q: Would you recommend going on this trip?
Yes! The Carney’s are incredible and Bolivia is a wonderful place. There is a lot of material and spiritual poverty, but it was a great experience and gave me the chance to practice some of my veterinary skills as well as build relationships with some Bolivians. It was also an excellent way to serve God.

Thank You

A special thank you to Meredith Rice for allowing us to share in a little piece of her journey to Bolivia!  May the Lord continue to use this experience to touch the lives of others.

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