Dr. Rebecca Ladronka, a veterinarian from Michigan, was given the opportunity to serve on her third short-term trip with CVM to Ghana where she worked alongside CVM Associate Ann MacCormac.


Rebecca was kind enough to answer a few questions for us!

Q: What did you learn about missions during your time of short-term service? What did you learn about your hosts’ ministry in particular?
Rebecca: I was interested to see what it looked like to be a missionary working in a university setting, since this is not what people typically think of as missions work. It was very campus ministry that I’m familiar with in the US and is an amazing opportunity to reach students who go out from there and reach others.

Q: What was encouraging and/or surprising to you about short-term missions service?
Rebecca: I was surprised that I didn’t experience much culture shock in Ghana compared to other short-term trips. It think this was because the culture seemed similar to Haitian culture in many ways – so that was familiar.

Q: What was particularly challenging to you during this time of service?
Rebecca: God really challenged me that I need to get more involved with the student fellowship group back at MSU.

Q: What did you learn about the particular challenges facing the local community in which you served?
Rebecca: The challenges that these students face with being unwillingly assigned to veterinary medicine and the related fall-out of families being disappointed that they weren’t assigned to human medicine – to the point of some families disowning students. This was very surprising to me and very sad to hear.

Q: How was the local community impacted as a result of CVM’s service in this area?
Rebecca: Ann is able to support these students in so many ways. In a pragmatic sense, her clinical skills and teaching are incredibly valuable because she’s helping these students to become good clinicians which will be a service to their future clients. But more importantly I think her role as a mentor to these students is an amazing opportunity to share the love of Jesus with these students, who will hopefully come to know Jesus and become witnesses where ever they end up practicing all over the country.

Q: How was your faith impacted as a result of your short-term missions service?
Rebecca: It was really encouraging to see the work that God is doing through Ann’s ministry and also felt encouraged that I could really see myself doing this type of campus style ministry.

Q: What next steps of faith is God calling you to as a result of this trip? How can CVM support, encourage, and equip you for these next steps?
Rebecca: As I said, I felt convicted that I need to get involved with the student fellowship group here at MSU. I’ve already met with some of the group leaders. I’m hoping to join many of them and RLRI this year. I am still praying that God would help us discern where/when we might serve long term after my PhD program.

Thank You

A special thank you to Rebecca Ladronka for allowing us to share in a little piece of her journey to Ghana!  May the Lord continue to use this experience to touch the lives of others.

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