By: Dr. Kit Flowers, CVM President

“How lovely on the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, who announces peace and brings good news of happiness, who announces salvation, and says to Zion, “Your God reigns!”  Isaiah 52:7

Each July we start a new fiscal year here at Christian Veterinary Mission (CVM).   It is something like the start of the new calendar year.  It is a time to review the past twelve months as well as a time to consider the new fiscal year.   Time is spent in review of each of the program areas seeking to understand afresh how God is working and how we can continue to stay on track with Him.   We also start a new budget year and so we spend time considering how we have served those who have been faithful to give, encourage, and pray with us.

It is also the time when we start a new theme verse.   We have found great encouragement over the years having a focus on a particular theme and verse during the fiscal year.   We seek to integrate the truth of God’s work into our own personal lives as well as into the programs and ministry models within CVM.  Our theme this year is “Peace” based on the verse quote above.

As we have begun to study this verse and the theme of Peace through all of the scripture, we have grateful hearts for having heard the good news and having the gift of His peace.  We have heard the good news of the gospel and have believed in the saving grace of Jesus Christ.   We must stand on these truths as individuals before we seek to understand how God desires the people and programs of CVM to be a part of His work bringing good news and peace to others.  It is a privilege to serve with others who believe and know the hope of His good news and have a heart to share it with others.

This is our calling: to bring good news, to announce peace, to bring good news of happiness, to announce salvation, and to worship knowing that our God reigns!  Pray with us as we move into the new fiscal year and seek to share this challenge with veterinary professions serving in the work place, at schools, and in short-term and long-term missions.   Rejoice with us in the news received of transformed lives around the world as veterinary professionals continue to serve.

Specifically pray with us for open doors for the gospel.  Pray for the CVM staff serving in Mongolia as they seek to comply with the new visa requirements recently announced from the government of Mongolia.   Pray for favor and understanding as they meet with government officials.   Pray for the many teams serving in the countryside of Mongolia through the summer as CVM long-term and short-term volunteers serve with the staff of our partner agency, V.E.T. Net.

Pray as well for the student leaders from the groups across the United States and Canada.  Many of these leaders are joining us for Webinars and CVM staff members are encouraging them in the ministry through student groups at veterinary schools and veterinary technician schools.   We hope to have over 90 student leaders trained and preparing for sharing the story of His work through the profession to their classmates and with new first year students.

We appreciate you and your partnership.  Join us in reflecting on the theme of Peace and our theme verse of Isaiah 52:7.

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