By: CVM Long-term Associate serving in Asia

I touched down in Asia in February of 2011. It was the brand new start of my integration into a cross-cultural life- language learning, cultural acclimation, culture shock, foreign veterinary medicine, foreign animal diseases, foreign foods, foreign… everything. And I wasn’t great at it. It was a monumental learning process and daily opportunity to lean on God for strength and wisdom (5 years later and I am still not great, and it is still an opportunity to lean on God). But Christian Veterinary Mission was there, supporting and cheering me on, as they have done every day since.

My relationship with CVM began well before they sent me to the tropics. It started on a crisp autumn day with pumpkin spice in the air, during a chili cook-off sponsored by the CVM student group at the vet school I attended. I was a first year student, and I was hungry. It was the first encounter I had with (aspiring) veterinarians who were passionate about sharing their faith in Christ. As I learned more about this student chapter, and about the organization, I began to realize that this dream that I had, this understanding that God would one day send me overseas, might be possible, even though at that moment I was eyeball deep in Anatomy and Physiology textbooks and dissection manuals.

Throughout my years in vet school I was able to form a deeper relationship with CVM as I participated in their conferences and other various events. And they knew me too! They knew I had an interest in missions, and they came alongside me in my journey, supporting and encouraging me to seek the Lord’s will.

God has provided me amazing opportunities to use my professional knowledge to share the love of Christ with the people of Asia. And He has used CVM as my mentor and sending agency to do it. I am thankful that God placed CVM in my life to lead me and help me on this path.

Thank you Lord, for your faithfulness to CVM over the last 40 years that has allowed them to support, encourage, mentor, and send out people like me.

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