By: Stephen Cowden, E-Learning Coordinator

When we face challenging situations, sometimes having the right resource makes all the difference.

CVM loves to help veterinary professionals live out their faith through their vocation, and we’ve developed some outstanding training for short-term missions, long-term missions, and workplace ministry. You’ll find these on our e-learning site. But did you know that we also have over 30 resources available for you to download and use for free? Our online resource library includes CVM’s entire series of “Raising Health Animals” booklets as well as 8 devotional and Bible study guides.

I’d like to recommend one particularly meaningful resource. Dr. Sara-Louise Newcomer has written a beautiful e-book for CVM vets called “Ministering to Clients through the Grief and Loss of their Pets.” Drawing on her experience as a practitioner, Sara-Louise addresses several crucial topics:

  • The Client Perspective on Euthanasia
  • Communication Skills: Supportive Language and Partnership
  • Memorializing the Animal
  • Praying with Clients
  • Knowledge about Grief and Sharing that Knowledge
  • Grief and Children
  • Support: Do’s and Dont’s
  • Self-Care and Care for the Veterinary Team

I encourage you to download this 25-page e-book and apply its wisdom to your own client relationships. Visit our e-learning site, register yourself, and explore the Resources we’ve developed for you.


We are grateful for your passion to serve others through the veterinary vocation, and we want to help you share Christ’s love with compassion and sensitivity

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