Christian Veterinary Mission’s purpose is to challenge, empower, and facilitate veterinary professionals to serve others by living out their Christian faith.  I have the opportunity to serve His work through CVM.  In that service, I have the privilege of walking alongside brothers and sisters in Christ who are seeing the needs of our world and who are responding in obedience to serve others living out their Christian faith.

Obedience to this call requires steps of faith.  It also requires that we reflect on His hand in our journey. We are encouraged to see Him open doors that no person can close as well as close doors that can no longer be opened.

I am blessed to serve His kingdom work through Christian Veterinary Mission.  As I hear the testimonies of others responding to His call and remembering His work in their lives, I grow in Him.  Your journey is a part of His story of working through CVM.

Thank you for following Him with us!

Dr. Kit Flowers – CVM President

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