By: Dr. Rebecca Quam, CVM Fieldstaff serving in South Africa

We were stuck; locked in the women’s restroom at a petrol (gas) station on the road back to Mafikeng. The trip had been going relatively smoothly for an entire 24 hours, but that came to a screeching halt in this dark, unpleasant restroom. The last member of the short-term mission team entering the restroom had shut the outside door and didn’t realize that the latch was broken and wouldn’t work from the inside.

After everyone had tried turning the latch and shaking the door repeatedly with no change in the doors locked status, one of the ladies climbed up on a toilet in one of the stalls, opened the window, and leaned out to summon help.  The door opened easily from the outside and our relieved group filed out into the sunshine.

How often do we get locked into problems and situations with no way to get out on our own?  We keep trying the same things over and over to get out, but with no success.  Unless we recognize our need for God’s help, we stay locked in the dark restroom of our problem.  But, once we ask Him for help and are willing to accept it, he will bring someone or something to open the locked door from the other side.

Hopefully the remainder of the team’s time here in South Africa can only improve!  Please pray that the seeds planted during this short-term trip will grow and flourish over the next few years.

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