By: Dr. Kelly Crowdis, CVM Fieldstaff serving in Haiti

One of my primary purposes in going to Haiti was to train and help prepare vet professionals to go and help people in the countryside.  When I first arrived here in 2006, it was the biggest culture shock of all. I was assaulted by the crowds, the heat, and the smell of burning garbage. It was chaos.

In the second year I was here I had somebody steal stuff out of my house, I was exposed to rabies, and I contracted Dengue fever. I would get around 30 phone calls per day and 10 email messages with vet problems from missionaries around the country, or from a Haitian friend who had a crisis. I was burning both ends of the candle and it was very overwhelming. CVM would call and ask how I was and because of the way I was raised, I would say that things were great. I would ask them to please pray for this ministry or these people, but I never said, “Can you pray for me?”

I got depressed. When you’re depressed you’re in this hole in which you can’t see any way out. I decided that if I wasn’t here it would be better. I wrote a note and then I said to God, “you know the hell I’m in and I know it’s a sin but I think you’ll forgive me for this.”

But miracles happened that day. After taking a lethal dose of tranquilizers, I was discovered by my vet technician, Etienne. I wasn’t breathing when he arrived but he prayed and I started to breathe again. With the support of CVM, I admitted myself into an inpatient program for depression and exhaustion. After several months of healing and rest, I returned to Haiti with a new sense of purpose.

Recently, when I heard about the impending arrival of hurricane Matthew, I asked Etienne to go to the coast and warn the people there. We were able to warn thousands of people and, as a result, they evacuated the beach areas. I think, if I hadn’t been there to warn them, what would have happened to those people?

Now I know that God preserved my life because my mission isn’t finished yet and He wants me to keep working for the well-being of the Haitian people. That’s why I’m here. I’m here for animals but, ultimately, I’m here for people because I need to share Jesus with them and they need to see Jesus in me.

Yes, Haiti is chaos when you first arrive. But I’ve come to see it as a beautiful chaos.

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One thought on “How Beautiful the Mountains

  • Hi Kelly
    I still cherish the day we spent with you out in the field doing
    surgeries and experiencing your world
    This was a few years ago when we were staying with Eddie Bazan
    Cindy Wanee DVM and my wife Beth were also along.
    I have gotten a lot of mileage from that trip and shared pictures at meetings I speak at. I pray for you and your ministry regularly.
    Thank you for doing what you do and may God continue to bless you.

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