By: Dr. Lauren Charles, CVM Southeastern Region Representative

“Come and teach us your skills that we may do things for ourselves.”

Christian Veterinary Mission’s beginning can be traced back to this one line. Dr. Leroy Dorminy was attending a global missions conference in Europe when someone asked an African woman, “How can we Christians of the developed world help you in the developing countries?” Immediately, the woman responded, “Come and teach us your skills that we may do things for ourselves.” Her words rang in Dr. Dorminy’s heart, and resonated with him for weeks as he traveled around Europe with his family.

Upon his return he offered his services as a veterinarian to the foreign mission board, but no opportunities were available. No one knew how a veterinarian could serve as a missionary. Why would animals need Jesus? Dr. Dorminy had a bigger vision, and he decided that the profession needed its own organization that could serve as a vehicle for sending veterinarians. So CVM was founded in September of 1976, and 40 years later our branches now reach all over the world. Touching almost every veterinary school in the US, Canada, and the Caribbean, we have a presence at all major veterinary conferences, sent over 500 short-term volunteers last year, and have 35 families serving long-term overseas.

Starting 15 years ago in vet school my life was changed by CVM through friendships from the fellowship there that are still dear to me today. Having served as a student leader, a short term volunteer, a long-term field staff member, and now on US staff, CVM has drawn me nearer to Christ and allowed me to serve so many others physically and spiritually. Thank you for being a part of those transformed lives!

Over the last 40 years, we have seen God use your partnership in ways beyond what we could have possibly envisioned. Because of you, we can share the gospel, and help establish new churches and baptize people within communities. Because of you, CVM has sent out 93 people long-term to 31 countries on four continents. Because of you, we are able to build lasting relationships with organizations worldwide, and lead trainings with locals so that they can then teach others how to care for their animals.

As part of the CVM family, you are a part of sharing Christ’s love through veterinary medicine. Your support helps make this work possible, and I encourage you to consider what God may be calling you to next!

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