By: Dr. Brad Frye, CVM Program Director and Latin America Director

I am blessed to work with an incredible group of staff, trip leaders and volunteers that in 2016 sent 119 veterinary mission trips to over 28 countries. There were over 565 volunteers on these trips that felt called to share the love of Christ by helping people better care for their animals or share the gospel. In addition to sending veterinarians, CVM also challenges the next generation to be mission minded and intentionally encourages veterinary students to join a short-term trip.

In January, we had four amazing vets lead 11 vet students and 2 other volunteers to work with a Nicaraguan pastor and his wife who plant churches in rural communities.  We have worked with Pastor Oscar for about 8 years as a church planter and country leader for his denominations. As you read the following reports on this trip think about what is happening to God’s Kingdom as God’s people respond to His mission to go into all the world and share the gospel!

Vincent, a Vet Student from VA said, “Missions are absolutely incredible and I definitely want them to be a regular part of my future. I had such an incredible time, felt insane amounts of growth, and felt very humbled. Our hosts were awe-inspiring. The work they are doing is absolutely incredible. I am so fortunate to have witnessed their testimony and works.”

Lina, a vet student from VA said, “I was reminded that “missions” are not limited to just a one or two week trip a few times each year…God calls us to live life on mission and constantly share the good news of His Gospel with everyone around us. I learned from Tamy and Oscar that one of the best ways to do this is by developing a relationship with people (rather than telling them about Jesus once and then moving on to another person or village).

Joshua a vet Student from IL said, “My faith has definitely grown as a result of this short-term missions service. It was incredible to be surrounded by a great group of people and I really enjoyed our discussions throughout the trip and our evening devotionals. It was also incredible to see how God is working in Nicaragua and working through our mission partner Oscar.”

From Pastor Oscar:

Thank you for obeying the Lord in having dominion over the animals.

In Genesis 1:28, God gave man the responsibility of taking care of or having dominion over animals.  When the Bible talks about having dominion, the meaning of the word is to take care of their well being.  It never talks about eliminating them or mistreating them.  I have learned a lot since the first CVM group came 8 years ago to work with us.  I say I learned a lot, because before I did not have the same concept of animals that I do now.  For example, the first group that came, was working under heavy rain, doing surgeries on a few dogs.  My house had a very small porch and the rain came down with heavy winds.  Some of the dogs were in recuperation and the rain continued to come down.  The only place for the dogs to go were in my living room and my wife let them all in, knowing what I might say.  When I came home, I found 4 dogs in recovery on my living room floor, with veterinarians at their side taking care of them.  I went straight to my room and called my wife and said: what is going on!  This is to my shame, because through this ministry today God has allowed us to bring many people to the feet of Jesus, we have opened new mission churches and have made contacts with many people that would otherwise have never come to my house or near any of our churches.  But through CVM, I can say we have many friends in 15 different towns and communities.  I have learned that each person that is a part of CVM, is simply obeying our Master Jesus Christ, and I want to be a part of that as well.  I thank CVM for coming alongside us in our missionary work in our country of Nicaragua.  I have changed, thanks to the passion they have for the animals and how they have taught us to treat living things is a gift. I love what the ministry of CVM does and you have our unconditional support.” – Oscar and Tamy

Thank you for responding to God and helping to make good news!

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