By: Dr. Monty Mathis, CVM Mobilization Coordinator

“How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!”

Romans 10:15 (ESV)

There are a lot of beautiful feet throughout the world proclaiming the Good News of Jesus!  And through God’s grace my wife, Shelley, and I have had the enormous privilege of getting to know some of these.  In my present role with CVM, purposefully connecting with the folks attached to these feet is part of my responsibility.  Complementing that responsibility is our living in southern Oregon and being conveniently close to the interstate.  That makes our home a place for any and all feet to take a moment’s rest; maybe even an extended Sabbath’s rest, and the opportunity to enjoy some of Shelley’s incredible cooking and hospitality not to mention her smiles.

This past month Shelley and I had the honor of connecting with some very special feet; feet that serve in Africa through CVM, six pairs of feet that belong to the Sammons family!  Dr. Troy, Rebekah, Dakota, Kate, Hope and Thomas have been working in Kenya serving those who make an urban garbage dump their home.  Troy and Rebekah have taught veterinary skills and supplied animals but even more than that, they have ministered to and loved on folks who need to understand that in Christ’s eyes (and the Sammons’) they are of incredible value and worth.

If working in a garbage dump isn’t stretching enough, when they return to Africa this fall they will head to the chaos and tragedies of South Sudan.  They will be in an area where there are 13 unreached tribal groups.  As we experienced in Jumla during the devastation of Nepal’s revolution, people in chaos are generally hungry for hope, especially as their worldview doesn’t bring the stability they had thought it would.  People in Nepal were keen to enter into Gospel conversations as they saw the power of Christ’s love ministering to them.  The unrest in South Sudan is enormous creating over 1 million refugees.  South Sudan now ranks with Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia for displacing its people – heart breaking, a need for prayer and presently, an open door.

As part of CVM’s support and encouragement for workers overseas like the Sammons, it is a privilege to catch their stories; to hear their heart for those God takes them to and see the twinkle in their eyes (occasionally tears).

Scripture (Romans 10:13-15) states that everyone who calls on the Name of the Lord will be wonderfully saved.  These same verses then ask a series of questions summarized as:  How can people ever call on the name of the Lord unless someone is sent to share?  The Bible then concludes with a “foot” statement about how beautiful are the feet that belong to those who are so in love with Christ that they can’t help but share about the One who loved them first!  No matter where they find themselves – on the home front, to the ends of the earth, or anywhere in-between.  Such is the Good News!

Please pray for the Sammons as they transition to life in South Sudan.


2 thoughts on “Beautiful are the Feet

  • Our family is praying for theirs. For fortified physical protection, for the joy of the Lord to be a tangible strength, for favor among locals especially those who are revered by the community as leaders. God’s grace and peace cover each one!

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