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More than a sympathy card

Show compassion and build relationships with Remember a Pet. For a small donation, you’ll send a personalized card and transform lives by supporting veterinary missions.

Stacey Stone, a Remember a Pet Card Recipient, shares with us just how much that small gesture blessed her when she was grieving the loss of her beloved dog, Mally.

Grief is an impossible thing to predict or control, but a powerful place to be reminded of God’s love.

I still look back for my lovely dog, Mally… each evening when I got home from work, she and her brother would rejoice that I had returned with wagging tails, then her brother would race outside. Because we live in Arizona with lots of other critters I follow him out to make certain he is safe, then turn back to smile at her in the doorway, where she always stayed, watching him run back and forth, just taking in the daily scene. Now my glance is in vain because Mally lost her battle with disease in November.

At first my grief was a loss of breath at the empty doorway followed by deep sobs, now it is a short smile acknowledging that she was there before. I have realized how important my process of grieving is, how important it is to acknowledge the pain in order to heal.

After Mally passed, I told myself that I must never allow my grief to become larger than the love that we shared. In the days following her death, I continued to remind myself of that statement even as the hole in my chest widened with each new “first”. First night sleeping without her, first morning waking up without her, first time she wasn’t in the doorway… then a small card landed on my desk.

It said that our friend had given a memorial donation to Christian Veterinary Mission in honor of Mally through Remember a Pet. In that moment, as tears rolled down my cheeks, I knew that there was people who knew my broken heart. Even the words of the card told me that they understood our special bond and that her life would continue to bless others.

This is so important to me because Mally came to me in grief and brought pure joy. She was abandoned in West Virginia the day after Christmas 2005. In the snowbank on the side of a country road, a woman noticed her and pulled over to see her precious one-eyed face. A couple months later, as I was grieving the loss of my beloved uncle, I found myself searching Petfinder for a news story. The moment that I saw Mally’s picture, I knew that she was meant to live with us in the warmth and love of our home, and she brought me such love and joy in return. In my moment of pain and loss, Mally was given to me. She was our Genesis 50:20 dog because the person who dumped her on the side of the road planned for her to suffer and die but God’s plans were for so much more, all of it for His Glory.

Throughout Mally’s life, every day after the outside escapade with her brother, she and I would curl up on the couch together. She would stretch over my legs and eventually begin to snore. No matter how long I stayed put, she could always outlast me and I ended up not wanting to move so that she could continue to rest.

Now as I sit alone on the couch, I want to thank CVM for all that you do to minister to people and for reminding me that God sits perfectly still so we can rest on His lap while we are hurting the most and, therefore, we are never truly alone. You may not know how much of a difference you make to someone who is grieving, but let me assure you, even the smallest gesture can be a blessing.




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