By: Dr. Kelly Crowdis, CVM Fieldstaff in Haiti

January 12th was the seventh anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti.  Some days it’s a lifetime ago and others just like yesterday. Life was irrevocably changed in 36 seconds.  The horror and loss were beyond description but there was also blessing.

One of the common things people say here after you’ve done something for them is, I hope God will bless you more. And my common response is He can’t bless me anymore than He already has.  I’m healthy and have a beautiful family. I have been given two extra chances at life.

I was talking to someone the other day and said its too much, too much blessing. There are so many and life is moving in such God inspired directions I can’t believe it is real. I am waiting for “the other shoe to drop”… How dare I doubt what God has in store, but I do. It is overwhelming to see how God is blessing our ministry in Haiti and it’s all because of you. Your generosity and faithfulness in prayer and financial giving makes it possible for me to be here. My role of late has become the facilitator. I am in the middle of everything but others are doing the work. It is something I am discovering I am good at, such a different role for me, all my life I have been a doer. I miss being out in the village and talking to the people but as I tell my short-term teams, I am here to give value to the Haitians I work with so they can share the gospel at an appropriate cultural heart level that a foreign person can’t no matter how long they have been here.

It is amazing to see the connections that have been made since the hurricane – people and ministries working together that don’t usually talk to each other all because of the relationship with their veterinarian. Haiti has taught me so much about relationship and that is something I am still working on. A relationship built with love, respect and forgiveness is what it’s all about, just like God loves us. That could lead to a lengthy discussion but I want to tell you about the hurricane relief effort. I would have to sit down and run the numbers again, but CVM’s effort is truly blessed by God. Every time I say that we are finished another donation comes in. The effort has been multiplied like the loaves and fishes.

Maybe what the Haitians say is true. I see that as we are blessing those affected by the hurricane He is also blessing our veterinary ministry. The goat project is expanding and we are working with more schools and new groups of marginalized young men/women. The vet tech school is almost finished with the first round of classes and people are asking when we are going to start a second. We are still doing rabies surveillance and education. We have a program this year just for education in schools. What a blessing!  The Ministry of Agriculture also purchased and found donations of 800,000 doses of rabies vaccine. This will be the first year in Haiti’s history that we have a chance to vaccinate 70% of the dogs.

I have so many thoughts rolling around in my head about blessing and life and relationship and…. I wish I was more eloquent and able to sort it all out and make sense of it.  Regardless, Blessing is coming in many forms for 2017. Often people choose a word for the year, and if I had to choose just one it will be blessing. I am so blessed!! I am going to remind myself of that when I feel down or sorry for myself and make it my goal for the year to be a blessing, large or small, to others.

May you be filled to overflowing with God’s abundant blessing!

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