Adam Chung, a 4th year vet student from the University of Pennsylvania, was given the opportunity to serve on his first short-term mission trip with CVM. Adam and his team spent a week working alongside Dr. Kelly Crowdis where he was able to gain some first hand mission experience and an understanding as to how his skills can intersect with missions.


Adam was kind enough to answer a few questions for us.

Q: Please share a story of an experience from your trip of something that impacted you or that you learned.
Adam: I spent some time talking with a couple of the students that we were training in animal care, and it was touching to hear about their desire to help their local community and the people of Haiti. I also learned about their families and more details about their lives. Although they lived simple lives, they lived good lives. I realized that there are so many distractions that we have to deal with in the States that makes it easy to take things for granted or find meaning in the wrong things. I have been motivated to reflect on my daily life and try to remember to focus on what is ultimately important and can have an eternal significance, rather than spending time and attention on things that are not significant.

Q: Please share how this trip impacted your spiritual walk.
Adam: I have grown in my compassion for His children and learned to have more trust in Him and His calling. I have also been challenged to be vulnerable for Him and not remain in my comfort zone.

Q: What were the most encouraging/challenging aspects of your trip?
Adam: The most encouraging aspect was to see our team working together and helping one another. Also, seeing the locals dressed up and walking to church in the scorching heat and praising God was very inspiring.

Q: Do you think you will go on another short-term mission trip?
Adam: Yes, I would like to continue to invest in His people and live a life that allows me to have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those who need it. While this can be done in the States as well, I believe that there is also a great need for this abroad. Also, there is often a lack of many basic needs among people and animals, and being able to offer my expertise can have a huge impact on local communities.

Q: Would you recommend going on this trip to a colleague?
Adam: Yes, it allows you to have the opportunity to gain a different perspective and see what is out there. It can also allow you to gain a better idea what the mission field looks like and if this is something you think God is calling you to.

Thank You

A special thank you to Adam Chung for allowing us to share in a little piece of his journey to Haiti!  May the Lord continue to use this experience to touch the lives of others.

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