Katherine Beard, a veterinary technician from Indiana, was given the opportunity to serve on her first mission trip with CVM. Katherine and her team spent a week on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota where they partnered with the Wounded Knee Church of God.


Katherine was kind enough to answer a few questions for us.
Q: What did you learn about missions during your time of short-term service?
Katherine: I learned that God has a purpose for everyone. And He utilizes the gifts He gives you to the fullest. And those talents, help bring others closer to Him, even if in the smallest of ways.

Q: What was encouraging and/or surprising to you about short-term missions service?
Katherine: I loved seeing the kids get excited about veterinary medicine. I loved getting to talk about it with them and encouraging them with their studies. It was so exciting to see this.

Q: What was particularly challenging to you during this time of service?
Katherine: It was very difficult to see the level of poverty throughout the Reservation. Especially in an extreme area of homelessness. But yet, these people just wanted some form of human interaction and love. And when handing out food and talking with them about life, it made me feel so sad that I never knew that this situation was happening. It made me wish I could do more for them.

Q: What did you learn about the particular challenges facing the local community in which you served?
Katherine: I learned about the poverty amongst the reservation. The lack of jobs on the reservation. The lack of hope. An increase in alcoholism, suicides, and drunk driving accidents.

Q: How was the local community impacted as a result of CVM’s service in this area?
Katherine: I learned that a lot of people look forward to the week that CVM travels to Pine Ridge. Relationships were made with members of the community. Stories were shared between CVM members and members of Pine Ridge. We not only helped take care of their pets, but we got to love on the Lakota people too.

Q: How was your faith impacted as a result of your short-term missions service?
Katherine: I feel like I have more of a desire to show God’s love to others more than before. I have seen how much people need it, and need to feel it and experience it. And I feel that my faith is stronger. I feel more than ever that God has a purpose for me. He had it in His plans for me to go on this trip, and I trust that He will lead me where I need to go next.

Q: What next steps of faith is God calling you to as a result of this trip? How can CVM support, encourage, and equip you for these next steps?
Katherine: I feel called to do this trip again next year. I also want to plan more activities with the kids at Pine Ridge. I currently work a veterinary teaching hospital at a university, so I am wanting to get involved with the student chapter of CVM there.

Thank You

A special thank you to Katherine Beard for allowing us to share in a little piece of her journey to the Pine Ridge reservation!  May the Lord continue to use this experience to touch the lives of others.

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