In preparing to serve in the field long-term, it is important to spend time recognizing Christ’s call in your life, as well as growing and preparing. CVM is committed to lifelong learning through participatory experiences, formal training, mentoring, self-study and spiritual growth.

Calling and Passion: How do I know if I’m called to long-term cross-cultural mission work?

How do we walk out discernment and calling? What if I feel called and my spouse doesn’t? What if I’m single? Should I wait until I’m married? What about my family? How do I choose a sending agency? Let CVM meet you where you are at and walk alongside you on this journey, whether you go with your church, CVM, or another agency.

Go on a Short-Term Trip

Participating in a short-term trip will give you an idea of what it is like to serve in the field, visit a possible location, meet other current field staff and see where God might be calling you. It is a great way to prepare for serving long-term.

Sign Up for Current Field Staff’s Prayer Letters

A great way to prepare for serving long-term is to partner with current field staff by receiving their Prayer Letters through email or post mail. Reading about their ministry, work and lives in the field will give you an idea of what to expect while serving. It’s also a great way to partner in ministry through prayer!

Chat with a CVM Staff Member about Long-term Opportunities

Have questions about serving long-term? Chat with one of our staff members about serving and peruse current opportunities. Contact our international programs team at

Resources to Prepare in Cross-Cultural Missions

As you consider or prepare to serve in the field long-term, we have gathered resources that we have found to be helpful. These include short-term trips, personal assessment tools (scroll to “Long-Term Forms” after clicking the link), books, eLearning training courses, support-raising, partnership tools, and more. We encourage you to spend time learning and growing in preparation for serving.

Forms and Documents