Endowment funds are a way of life in the U.S. How many times during a year are you asked to help endow some favorite school, cause or charity? And the reason is, of course, a good Endowment Fund can enhance the work of the organization, insure its viability, and strengthen its position. Most endowments are long-range investments that allow long-term planning in a more measured and secure manner. 

CVM’s Endowment Fund (EF) was started in the early years of the organization’s life. We wanted the fund to provide for meaningful programs overseas that could not be funded for by the regular budgeting process.  A good example of where the funds have been used was the Servant Leadership Conferences in February of 2005, in Cameroon.  The meeting allowed many veterinarians to engage in a truly Christian Conference for the first time and to learn how they can be a part of veterinary missions and fellowship groups. The same was true in Nigeria. Without the CVM EF neither of these events would have happened.  

The larger the endowment, the more the earnings, and the more the earnings the more the opportunity to use for projects such as these.  Have you considered a gift to CVM EF lately? It can be done in many ways, usually by giving gifts of; cash, stock, bonds, real estate, insurance, trusts, and annuities. You can realize tax exemptions and provide for ministry at the same time.  Contributing to the CVM EF is a great way to give a gift that keeps on giving.

When someone dies, flowers are beautiful, but they only last for a short time. Consider making a Memorial Gift of Remembrance instead.

  • Benefit to You: A letter is sent to the family of the deceased telling them of the gift to CVM in honor of their family member. A lasting remembrance is made in lieu of flowers.
  • Benefit to CVM: A financial gift is made in memory of a family member, friend or colleague, and that support goes to help support and spread the ministries of CVM.

For more information about making a Memorial Gift, contact Dr. Kit Flowers (contact information provided below).

Give the gift that keeps on giving, make a special donation to the CVM Endowment Fund today!

For more information on the CVM Endowment Fund, contact Dr. Kit Flowers, CVM Executive Director (contact information provided below). We would be happy to mail you an Endowment Fund packet with your individual planned giving needs in mind. Thank you for your prayerful consideration to these lifetime gifts.

CVM Endowment Committee

Dr. Kit Flowers, CVM Executive Director
206.546.7226 (work)

Dr. John Day, Endowment Fund Chairman

Dr. Bill Rowe

Dr. Phil Schoenborn

Dr. Greg Smith