We are so excited to have you partner with us in ministry! Your willingness to serve makes a direct impact on the ability for our staff to provide for the needs of those serving. There are plenty of ways that you can get involved with us and volunteer!

Here are some ways that you could serve with CVM, and if you have a specific skill set you would like to serve with, please let us know by emailing us at info@cvmusa.org.

Promote CVM in Your Community

If you are passionate about the ministry and what God is doing through veterinary medicine, we encourage you to promote CVM in your community. You could put flyers up at your church and other churches in your community, you could invite a field staff member to speak at your church when they are home assignment, and get creative! To download promotional materials, click here.

Start a Christian Veterinary Fellowship Group

Christian Veterinary Fellowship groups are where veterinarians, vet techs and spouses come together in their community to grow deeper in their walks with Christ, encourage each other, hold each other accountable, and build relationships. If you are interested in starting a CVF group, or if you are interested in opening your home for a CVF group to meet please contact your Regional Representative.

Host a Booth at a Conference

CVM has a presence at conferences throughout the nation all year long. We would love for you to participate in hosting one of our booths! It’s a great opportunity to meet other veterinary professionals, make connections and share what CVM is doing. If you are interested in hosting a booth at a conference near you, contact your Regional Representative.

Speak at a Christian Veterinary Fellowship

We have Christian Veterinary Fellowships (CVF) at every veterinary school in the nation. The students would love to get a chance to hear from you as an experienced veterinary professional! If you are interested in speaking at a CVF group, please contact your Regional Representative.

Speak at a CVM Event

We have events throughout the year were we often are looking for veterinary professionals to speak. If you are interested in sharing with others about your experiences in the industry and what God is doing in your life, please contact your Regional Representative.