Promotional Materials

We know how busy you are as professionals and students! We want to provide you with the tools you need to promote CVM in your clinic or promote CVM to your CVF group! We have created resources for you to utilize, whether as a professional in your clinic or as a student on a club day, open house, personal invites or e-mails. We hope that you find these tools a great resource to you.

CVM Promotional Pieces

We have put together brochures, touch cards and more to assist you in promoting Christian Veterinary Mission. These can be used in your clinics, at meetings, club days, open house and more.

CVM General Brochure

This is a brochure that gives an overview of Christian Veterinary Mission. To request this brochure please contact  Link to pdf

Will I See My Pet in Heaven Brochure

Use this free brochure as a resource to address their question and share your faith in Jesus Christ. To request brochures, please email info@cvmusa.orgLink to pdf

Short-term Missions Brochure

This is a piece that explains what Short-term Missions is and how our program works. To request this brochure please contact info@cvmusa.orgLink to pdf 

Remember a Pet

Looking for a way to console your clients when they have lost a beloved pet? Our Remember a Pet program is a great way to acknowledge their loss and make a donation in behalf of their pet. Find out more


We offer and encourage you to participate in instructor-led and e-learning courses to assist you in your practice, preparation for using your skills in veterinary medicine to share Christ’s love, as well as for short or long-term mission work.


As a professional, it is important to stay current in your education and knowledge. We have put together some books that we recommend to help you grow in your technical skills, integration of faith and practice and personal walk with Christ.