A Fireside Prayer of Hope

January 18, 2019

By Dr. Page Wages. In the summer of 2017 and our short term mission team was serving the Navajo Nation in Kayenta, Arizona. Our team was full of hope, that one quality that is steadfast and strong in every Christian heart.  Hope that allows us to wake up every morning and get through each day,... Read More

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Furry Valentines

January 11, 2019

Flowers are a nice option for Valentines Day, but nothing beats a furry or feathered Valentine! The students at Purdue’s Christian Veterinary Fellowship certainly thought that when they decided to take the colorful step of donating the proceeds of their annual Valentine’s Day Carnation sale to CVM’s Animal Impact Fund! The idea started a few... Read More

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Out of the Shadows

January 4, 2019

By Dr. Carol Rowe Many years ago, a 14-year-old high school student came to our veterinary practice to participate in a “job shadow.” I knew Kelly from our church, and her parents were faithful servants. Shortly after Kelly finished her job shadow, she asked if she could come work at the practice. I told her yes, but... Read More

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The Goats of Hopes and Dreams

December 28, 2018

Dr. Margaret Thompson, a CVM fieldworker in Tanzania is working with a dairy goat ministry through a project called Food For His Children (FFHC)  This project gives her the opportunity to build relationships as a trained veterinarian and allows her to pour God’s love and His Word into the lives of the recipients of the... Read More

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December 21, 2018

By Dr. Scott Houser Amos 6:12 asks: “Do Horses run on the rocky crags?”  Although the Bible never really says, it is always assumed that Mary, in the late stages of her pregnancy, rode to Bethlehem on a donkey. A horse would have seemed like a better form of transportation, but in the rocky mountainous... Read More

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La Navidad en Nicaragua

December 14, 2018

By Dr. Rick and Mary Ervin Remembering eleven years ago during our first Christmas, we were in Nicaragua for just a little over a month. We were living in an area, with as far as we knew, no English speaking neighbors. The few stores that we visited had little in the way of decorations. I’m... Read More

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Christmas in Mongolia

December 7, 2018

Displays and Depth. Dr. Hillary and Michael Mincher  In Mongolia, NewYear’s is celebrated from the end of December through the first of January. Christmas and New Year’s celebrations were brought into the country by Russia during the era of Soviet control. Mongolians do not really capture the exact meaning behind the Christmas celebration and consider... Read More

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Saturday On Call

November 30, 2018

By Kailey Ann McDougald It’s 6 am on this Saturday morning. I’ve been up since 3 am with a calving. Snow is falling steadily as I look out the window of a breakfast diner on Main Street, waiting for our clinic to open at 8 am. My heart is as full as the cup of... Read More

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A Veterinarian’s Prayer

November 23, 2018

An authentic petition by Dr. Andrew Roark. Guide me in medicine. Please let me find the tiny, dehydrated vein of the ancient kitty when I am asked to perform euthanasia under the emotional eye of her owner. I pray for this first, Lord, because it is my single most common reason for prayer, so let’s... Read More

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Yolked for Life

November 16, 2018

By Robert Engel On one trip to Honduras, our group was walking through some slightly rough terrain.  Upon passing over a creek bed on a footbridge, I observed two oxen yoked together and were driven by a man.  One ox was younger and smaller than the other, and closer observation revealed the older ox was... Read More

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