Flowers are a nice option for Valentines Day, but nothing beats a furry or feathered Valentine!

The students at Purdue’s Christian Veterinary Fellowship certainly thought that when they decided to take the colorful step of donating the proceeds of their annual Valentine’s Day Carnation sale to CVM’s Animal Impact Fund!

The idea started a few weeks prior to Valentine’s Day, when the veterinary fellowship students invited other students (and faculty) to buy a carnation, and write a message of love and support for someone at the school.

Well, love must have been in the air because a staggering 348 orders for carnations were received, each one paired with thoughtful notes and amusing messages. It seemed that people adored the idea of sharing a thoughtful message and giving a livestock donation to people in need—after all, that’s what CVM’s Animal Impact Fund is all about!

The event brought the Purdue Veterinary community together and raised over $400 in donations to Animal Impact—buying a cow, a few goats, turkeys, and chickens for the poorest families in need.

Everyone can participate in Animal Impact, so take some inspiration from the Purdue Christian Veterinary Fellowship group and start an idea that gets your church group, or workplace working together for a great cause.

Find out more about all the furry and feathered Valentine options at Animal Impact.

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