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Give A Turkey

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Because of their larger size, turkeys may thrive better where other poultry may be more vulnerable to hawks, predators and thieves. 

In countries where adjacent people groups raid cattle from their neighbors, turkeys provide a form of livestock unattractive to the cattle raiders who want cattle for bride price; turkeys are often left alone, so the family is not bereft of nutritious food and the income from more baby turkeys. 

In one case, a CVM veterinarian trained people in the church, then distributed a pair of turkeys for each trainee to take home.  This allowed follow up in each home for evangelism and discipleship while giving further training about turkeys—and at least 3 baptisms of new believers resulted, just in this one place!

  • Nutrition
  • Steady, Dependable Income
  • Education and Training
  • Building Relationships
  • Testimony in the Community
  • Sharing the love of Christ